Through my work with organizational leadership, I help nonprofits improve their effectiveness while building strategies to achieve success for the future.  Whether involved for a specific project engagement or through a long-term collaboration, my services are customized to meet your needs, with the goal of helping you strengthen your organization and enhance our community.

Strategy & Planning


In my prior work, I’ve managed multiple strategic planning processes, coordinating teams of staff, boards, and consultants to develop effective roadmaps for the future.  I’ve learned the importance of the process—both in determining the end result and in building relationships and buy-in along the way. 


My experience has enabled me to develop an effective methodology that will help your organization along its planning path, regardless of where that path begins.  Whether designing a complete strategic planning process, refreshing existing plans, or tackling more focused projects, we’ll work together to ensure your organization’s relevance for the future, embracing change and opportunities while managing risk and uncertainty.

Grand Estate


The importance of good governance structures for today’s nonprofits cannot be overemphasized.  With the public trust, comes a certain level of responsibility.  Whether your nonprofit is large or small, newly created or long established, reviewing governance documents, policies, and procedures on a regular basis is essential to ensuring the board and management are appropriately equipped to lead the organization for a sound future. 


I also provide executive coaching to C-level and board individuals to guide them through the challenges of new leadership roles and/or institutional change.

government office
Operational Insight


My extensive work for and with nonprofits has positioned me to help your organization in a number of other areas, including bringing a seasoned perspective to organizational design, human resource management, leadership development, and financial sustainability planning. 


A unique value-add I bring to any work I do is the ability to combine well-honed writing skills with strong analytics—a combination that enhances all of my work, from providing editorial direction on communications strategy language, to developing an organizational budget process with a narrative that tells your story.